Professional Document Translations

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Our standard service includes:

  • Speed (fast deliveries!)
  • Accuracy
  • Proofreading

If your business would like to be billed monthly, let us know via email us to setup an account.
For our legendary 15 minute (or less) translations of Medical Discharge Instructions, go here.

Contact us if the language you’re looking for is not in the list.
Here’s the price list on the most frequently used languages.


English to / from: Rate per word
Spanish 0.12
Brazilian Portuguese 0.11
Portuguese 0.13
French 0.14
German 0.14
Mandarin 0.13
Cantonese 0.14
Greek 0.12
Creole 0.16
Indonesian 0.12
Malay 0.13
Italian 0.15
Japanese 0.15
Korean 0.15
Finnish 0.18
Norwegian 0.17
Russian 0.14
Polish 0.12
Javanese 0.11
Turkish 0.12


We can deliver up to 6000 words (approx. 25 pages) in 48 hours or less.

If you need to rush an order, we definitely can make it happen and rush charges of up to 25% may be applicable, depending upon the situation.




Spanish to / from: Rate per word
English 0.12
Brazilian Portuguese 0.125
Portuguese 0.14
French 0.13
German 0.14
Mandarin 0.15
Cantonese 0.15
Greek 0.11
Italian  0.125
Indonesian 0.12
Russian 0.135
Polish 0.14


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